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Join us in our amazing Private Walking Tours Porto and discover those hidden gems that only a local can unveil. We invite you to explore this unique city with us!



About Porto


Porto is Portugal’s second biggest city and one of the country’s most beautiful destinations, offering its visitors the very best in life!


Porto was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and declared European Capital of Culture in 2001. At the same time, it was elected several times, by travelers from all over the world, as the Best European Destination. With this in mind, we invite you to admire the old Porto town and its typical houses in the historic center. Don’t miss the bustle of the “tripeiros” (the name given to its inhabitants) as well as the inspiring Douro river, which gives you the chance to admire its many bridges and the city slopes.


A must-see for discerning travelers who seek fine wine and unique Travel Experiences!




Porto is known not only for keeping alive its traditions, habits, and history… but also for its warm people. In fact, they will always welcome you and try to make you feel at home!


Porto icons are not to be missed!


In particular, its narrow and twisting streets, its medieval houses in slopes and its tile panels, give us an astonishing landscape and a unique architecture.


An undeniable historical wealth with genuine baroque palaces and churches lies within the city. Also, we should not miss the large boulevards and modern masterpieces of the most significant contemporary architects, such as Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura.


Namely, the ancient cafes, situated in the heart of the city, such as Majestic, Brasileira, Piolho and Guarany,… played an important role in Porto’s history. We can see from everywhere, the Clerigos Tower and Church, a baroque piece of art from Nicolau Nasoni, which offers a unique view of the city.

You can appreciate the 20 thousand tiles, painted by Jorge Colaço at the lobby of the S. Bento train station. In fact, they are illustrations from Portuguese history and ethnography from the north of Portugal, as well as the evolution of Portuguese transports.


You can also wander in the wide green spaces as well as in the delightful beaches and romantic gardens. In case you like, visit the museum of the local football club that is known internationally – the Futebol Clube do Porto!



Ribeira and the port wine cellars!


Nearby, Ribeira is one of the oldest parts of the city. At Praça da Ribeira or Cubo, you will be able to appreciate the Douro River and the Rabelo boats. In due time, these vessels were used to transport the wine barrels from the Douro Valley, where it is produced, to the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. In the meantime, admire the 6 bridges in Porto which connect the river banks of the two cities, and Eiffels’ work at Maria Pia bridge.

You can also visit the port wine cellars, and enjoy the rich cultural diversity and gastronomy of Afurada and Matosinhos.

Take a moment to contemplate the tile panels from Ribeira Negra, the sculpture of the Duke, and the table memory of the Ponte das Barcas tragedy!



Amazing events in Porto are not to be missed!


Porto has many events throughout the year. Therefore, we’ll give you notice in case you wish to take part in them: from sports to literature, from music festivals to congresses, as well as shopping. The St. John festivities, the most popular event of the city which takes place in June, are not to be missed, as well as its sailing race.
Finally, you should not miss the “Serralves em Festa”, the “Verão na Casa da Música” and the summer and jazz festivals like Marés Vivas,…



While in the city, with our private walking tours Porto you have the opportunity to…


  • See magnificent and alive landscapes, medieval houses, wall tiles as well as works of the most celebrated contemporary architects;
  • Hear the sounds of the electric cars, the voices of its inhabitants with great life experiences and rich oral traditions, or watch the fishermen pulling the nets;
  • Feel strong emotions of pure pleasure, and unique experiences such as making bread, cakes, and regional dishes. At the same time, take a cruise on the Douro River and pass on its sluices, enjoy nightlife, or just relax in a wine Spa;
  • Enjoy traditional food, taste the best wines, and savor the nectar of Gods, the port wine, while you enjoy the northern hospitality. We invite you to join one of our private walking/food tours in Porto!



Also, if you want to see more images about Porto, get to know our page on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.pt/OportoDouroMoments/porto-hist%C3%B3ria-e-cultura/


Additionally, if you want to know more about the city, just click the link: https://visitporto.travel/en-GB/home#/



“After all, Porto, to truly honor its name is, first of all, this wide bosom open to the river…where the traveler can lean over to the open air and have the illusion that the entire city of Porto is the Ribeira, the old riverside”
José Saramago



The Porto heart, namely, its historic area was classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. ​ On this tour, we will take you to discover secret gems and hidden places that only a local knows, in a very friendly and laid-back atmosphere!


  • Pick up at 09:30 or 14:30
  • Guided tour around the main city icons. You will pass by Aliados Avenue, S. Bento train station, street art pieces, traditional stores, Clérigos church, Cordoaria garden, Lello bookshop, Flowers Street, and Ribeira.


INCLUSIONS: full insurance, experienced local guide, local degustation.
TIMETABLE: 3/3,5 hours
INFORMATION: Available daily. The tour will be customized to your interests.



Tours a pé no Porto
Toasting during Porto Food and wine tours



We will reveal to you the stories that are behind our traditional dishes and their recipes. Meanwhile, discover our traditional grocery stores, where you will meet the locals and get to know the very best goods used in our cuisine!


  • Pick up at 09:30/14:30
  • Visit the Bolhão Market and unveil genuine food in Porto spots/tascos. Meanwhile, taste regional specialties and get to know their stories! Discover, particularly, our olive oil during a workshop and also the excellent Portuguese wines, such as the Green and Douro DOC wines. At the same time, find out about some of our beautiful and ancient stores and get to know those curiosities that only a local can unveil.


INCLUSIONS: full insurance, experienced local guide, all degustations.

TIMETABLE: 3,5/4 hours

INFORMATION: Our private walking/food tours in Porto are available daily and can be customized according to your interests. Therefore, you can also experience the famous Francesinha, upon request.





Discover Porto and its iconic buildings and facades. Don’t miss its people and history, as well as the pace of daily life and its singular way of welcoming. Additionally, get to know the modern part of the city in the morning with its iconic and awarded architecture. In the afternoon, it’s time to discover the old part of the city and its hidden places.


  • Pick up at 09:30;
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the city, while you pass by the House of Music, Serralves, Boavista and the city park;
  • Wander in Foz and discover the beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean;
  • Discover Afurada, a traditional fishing village where colorful tiles line the streets and the fishermen’s wives hang their laundry outside. Unveil the simple life and generosity of this small village which is the perfect escape from the city;
  • Discover our excellent gastronomy known for its fresh fish and seafood;
  • Make a walking tour in the heart of the city and find out the charm of the Ribeira neighborhood,…Don’t miss Flowers Street, the traditional stores, Aliados Av., S. Bento train station, Clerigos church and Lello bookshop.


INCLUSIONS: full insurance, experienced local guide, local degustation.
TIMETABLE: 7 hours
INFORMATION: Available daily and customized to your interests.



Porto S. Bento train station
marcas vinho porto



If you wish to make your own personal tour, let us know the purpose of it, whom you travel with, and which interests you have.


We also organize customized tours and guiding services with specific themes like tiles, street art, architecture, filigree, traditional stores, and shopping experiences. In particular, guided visits with tastings to the most prestigious port wine cellars and a great variety of cruises on the river Douro are also available.


Describe to us how your perfect day would be and we will do our best to make it come true!



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