Codfish- "the faithfull friend"

When there was nothing else to cook, the portuguese could always rely on the salt dried codfish for a good meal, and it began to be know between cooks as their “faithfull friend”.

We find in the portuguese gastronomy a huge variety of codfish recipes. This one is one of the most famous.

Enjoy it!






400g salted cod fillet;

200g onion;

300g small potatoes (unpeeled);

200g turnip greens;

Bay leaf;

Douro Virgin Olive Oil;

Salt and Rosemary to taste.


Peel and laminate the onion and the garlic. On a tray put a layer of onion and garlic; on top of it put the salted cod fillet.

Drizzle with olive oil and add the bay leaf and the rosemary. Take it to the oven. Wash the potatoes, put a layer of coarse salt on a tray, put the potatoes on top and finish with a top layer of salt. Take the potatoes to the oven. Cook the turnip greens in boiling water with salt; later sauté them with olive oil and minced garlic. Plate the cod to taste and serve warm.

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