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Porto’s most famous and delicious sandwich, made in almost all the cafes and restaurants of the city and beyond, is also present in restaurants in neighboring cities such as Gaia and Matosinhos.

With so many Francesinhas on sale in the country, you can expect some variation in flavor and

ingredients, depending on the region and the taste of the chef. In addition to these, other types of Francesinha have appeared over the years to please a growing public, such as the vegetarian Francesinha and Francesinha with seafood.

However, they all originated in the classic Francesinha, with layers of grilled or smoked meats and a secret sauce. Here we present the interior of the real Francesinha:

  • Bread – initially with bijou bread but now with toasted bread
  • Sauce – slow-cooked, made from tomato, broth, beer and many other ingredients
  • Fresh sausage – one of the original ingredients of the sandwich
  • Sausage – lightly smoked to give the traditional flavor to Francesinha
  • Ham – a variable ingredient, which can be substituted by mortadella
  • Steak – originally was roasted pork but currently beef steak is used
  • Cheese – indispensable over bread, where in some restaurants it is covered with a fried egg
  • Ham – of the leg of pork, usually of Portuguese origin


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While visiting Porto you have to try it… Actually, the locals say: “if you come to Porto and don’t eat a Francesinha, it would be the same of going to Rome and not see the Pope”!!




If you want to get to know more about it, as well as our Gastronomy and Wines, we invite you to discover our Food & Wine tours in Porto.

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