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Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the historical area, WOW – the World of Wine offers its visitants unique experiences, as well as various restaurants, bars & cafés. Not to mention a wine school and a street market with a wide range of national brands…

In addition to having free access to the central square and parking facilities, you are able to enjoy a magnificent view to the city of Porto!

In fact, we recommend you take your time and immerse yourself in the 6 Experiences and Museums, as follows…


Wine Experience

Get to know all the process of wine making as well as the portuguese grape varieties. Enrich your knowledge of wine and discover your preferred style of wine.


Planet Cork at WOW – The World of Wine

Cork oak forests play a crucial role in maintaining environmental balance and sustaining biodiversity. Discover all the process of cork production, its modern and ancient applications and curiosities…Did you know the first bottles of coke were sealed with cork?


Porto Region Across the Ages

Get to know the history of the city of Porto, its legends and curiosities and understand the character of its people called “the tripeiros”.


The Bridge Collection

Discover Mr. Adrian Bridge`s collection of more than 1800 drinking vessels through the ages.

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The Chocolate Story at WOW – The World of Wine

An authentic experience from the cacao plantations to the chocolate making process. Discover its flavors and be surprised by its taste…

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Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum at WOW – The World of Wine

Portugal exports about 80% of its textile and clothing manufacturing to 189 countries in all continents. Find out the importance of the textile industry in Portugal as well as the filigree and footwear and get to know our best known designers and emerging talents.

The WOW gallery holds temporary exhibitions and the Wine School provides courses for all kinds and levels of interest, as well as courses on Portuguese cuisine.

For now, the certified courses available at WOW – The World of Wine are:

  • Demystifying wine
  • Demystifying port wine
  • Introduction to portuguese wines
  • Wine and chocolate




If you plan to visit Porto and discover WOW – the world of wine, we would be glad to tailor made your tour according to your interests. Please contact us at: https://www.oportoanddouromoments.com/contact-us-tailor-made-tours-and-experiences/



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