Situated on the coast, the city lies on the edge of the Ria de Aveiro, an expansive saltwater lagoon with its canals and traditional boats. The beaches, the museums, the architecture, where the Art Nouveau houses have their facades covered with tiles, the salt pans and the gastronomy are a guarantee for a remarkable tour.


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  • Discover the city center and the exuberant “Art Nouveau” buildings;
  • Learn how to make regional specialties like “ovos moles” and taste them;
  • Cruise for an hour through the channels on the traditional boats called “moliceiros”, used in the past to transport the “moliço”;
  • Lunch in Aveiro and discover local fresh fish and seafood;
  • Get to know the colorful palheiros of Costa Nova near the sea line;


INFORMATION: We organize half day tours to Aveiro or full day tours to Aveiro/Coimbra. We answer you in 24 hrs.


Come and discover Aveiro, a sea of experiences is waiting for you!

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We begin this visit, precisely at the University founded in the XIIIth Century and which UNESCO has placed on its list of World Heritage sites: the Pátio das Escolas courtyard, the Sala dos Capelos hall where the most important ceremonies are held, the Chapel of São Miguel with an imposing Baroque organ and the Joanina Library.

After that we will discover the city center and the Fado from Coimbra.


INFORMATION: We organize half day tours to Coimbra or full day tours to Aveiro/Coimbra. We answer you in 24 hrs.


Discover this captivating laid back city with so many history, culture and art to offer!

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