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The Archipelago of the Azores, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, has nine volcanic islands. In fact, the volcanism of the archipelago impresses with the diversity of the geological heritage of the region.


As a matter of fact, Azores is one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world. As an illustration, among resident and migratory species, common or rare, there are more than 24 different types of cetaceans in its waters.



Terceira was the third island discovered by navigators of the XV century. In fact, it gained importance as a commercial warehouse and served as a stopover on the shipping routes. That is to say, it came about a point of transportation, as well as one of the main points of arrival.


On the other hand, São Miguel, the largest island, enchants with its lagoons. Don`t miss the hot thermal waters, the geysers and the volcanic lakes coupled with a traditional lunch. In a word, we recommend the tasty “Cozido das Furnas”, slowly cooked inside the earth!



Azores is well known for the sustainability. In fact, it has a rich and protected geodiversity and marine life.


In the same way, we challenge you to enjoy the natural areas with well-regulated hiking trails. Likewise, renewable energy is also widely used on the island.


There are many activities available to visitors on the Azores:

  • Walk around and discover stunning landscapes marked by dense coastal woods;
  • play golf at one of the best and least exploited courses in the world;
  • relax in natural carbonic water, waterfalls and iron water pools;
  • make a sail cruise to watch the whales;
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